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Blind Repairs - Billericay Blinds & Curtains

If your blinds are beginning to fail, you should know what you can do to fix them. In some cases, you can simply re-cord worn cords and replace the ladder cord section. In other cases, you will need to replace the tilt mechanism, which opens the slats. This can be done by purchasing new matching parts or taking your blind to the workshop. An interesting read

One of the most basic types of Roman blinds repair is replacing worn-out pull cords. Pull cords on blinds are the part that controls the lowering and lifting of the blinds. When these cords are worn out, they may need restringing or cleaning. The same holds true for outdoor blinds. Despite their durability, they may experience wear and tear if they are not properly installed or maintained.

To begin a roman blinds repair, you should first determine which cords are worn out. Pull the blind down and look for a tangled cord. Pull it out by hand to identify the problem. It may need to be replaced entirely or simply part of it. You can either replace the entire system or simply replace the worn-out pull cords. A more expensive repair may require restringing the entire system or buying new blinds.

Repairing Venetian blinds is usually easy. A skilled handyman can diagnose the problem and repair the blinds without having to replace them. For instance, if the rings are worn, you can replace the broken one by replacing it with a new one. You can also get a technician to trim the blinds to the correct size and install them in front of the window frame. Broken slats can also be fixed by replacing the tilt wand, which is a part of the blinds’ tilt mechanism.

Broken string: The damaged slat can be caused by loose strings. Ensure that the new string is tied around the carrier arm. Similarly, the broken cufflink or carrier can be fixed by replacing the damaged one. This simple repair can make your blinds look new again. Broken strings on the slat can also be a sign of a worn-out slat.

When you need to repair your Venetian blinds, the first step is to undo the bottom of the blind and remove the two cords that hold the ladders together. Both blinds can be wiped down with a wet cloth but you must take special care to avoid causing damage to the blinds’ glue. When repairing a Venetian blind, you may also need to replace a broken slat, which is easy to do by yourself. 

Aside from adding aesthetic value, Venetian blinds are also highly functional. They are a great choice for rooms that need light control and enhanced privacy, without compromising on aesthetics. But like any other home accessory, a Venetian blind will need repair at some point. Even if you choose to repair it yourself, it will eventually become worn out and stop functioning properly. So, what can you do?

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