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Best Blinds For Patio Doors

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Blinds For Patio Doors

Patio Door Blind Solutions - Best Window Treatments For Patio Doors

Patio doors are sometimes referred to as sliding doors. They often incorporate a large plain glass area which means they can open up the outside space. They almost seamlessly connect the in-door and out-door spaces in the room. This often makes the indoor living space feel bigger and brighter. This can create the perfect alfresco area directly outside the door.

Window treatments for patio doors come in a wide variety of designs. Selecting the right window covering depends on your requirements and preferences.

  • Is shading and light control a priority?
  • Is privacy an important factor?
  • How regularly Is the doorway used?


Do need some help working out what’s best for your requirements? We’d love to help. Here are some ideas to help you make an informed decision!

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Types Of Patio Door

Patio doors are available in a variety of styles. They are growing steadily in popularity with homeowners. Patio doors can increase light in the room and give a feeling of space. The latest innovations in the patio door industry offer new functionality and designs.

  • Large format doors
  • Energy saving with heat retention solar reflection properties
  • Varieties of opening options
  • Slim line door profiles
  • Modern, contemporary and traditional designs
  • Doors with a bias for security
  • Storm and inclement weather resistance

Regardless of the patio doors you have in your home. Our custom window dressings will match your installation and decor perfectly. This is the advantage of opting for a custom product designed exactly to your needs.

How Do Patio Doors And French Doors Differ?

Both options have specific advantages and the main difference is simply the way they open. Patio Doors slide past each other along a track and French doors swing open on hinges.

No matter what door you have. We’ve got a range of fantastic window treatment options for both types of door. 

Consider Roller Blinds for Your Patio Doors

Roller blinds are the simplest window covering. However, the massive range of colours, designs and cassette options make them one of the most versatile window treatments available. 

From complex geometric patterns to plain colours to glittering sheers, there’s a roller blind for every taste.

The neat and simple design of a roller blinds means that when opened they reveal the full potential of the view through your windows and doors. 

Roller Blinds For Patio Doors
Shutters For Patio Doors

Shutter Systems for Patio Doors

Our specialised patio door shutters offer a beautiful and stylish look for sliding glass doors and french doors.

Decorative sliding window shutters or tracked shutters that allow you to easily access the outside of your house from any room. Easy to use louvres and tilt rods allow you to open and close the shutter panels and position them to suit your light and privacy requirements.

By trapping cold or warm air between your shutters and the patio windows, you create pocket of air that helps to keep your home warm and energy efficient. This makes your home more comfortable all year round and will save you money on your energy bills. 

Are Patio Doors Good For Energy Efficiency?

Patio doors are perfect for letting in lots of natural light, but large areas of glass can make a room too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. This is not necessarily great news for your homes energy efficiency.

Honeycomb blind fabrics are designed to trap air in the pockets. The trapped air acts as an insulator so rooms stay considerably cooler in summer and much warmer in the winter. Keeping your heating and cooling bills low all year round.

Honeycomb blind fabrics fit many types of windows, even skylights. This means you can coordinate your entire room with the same style of blinds.

You can also choose to control your blinds using a remote or a smart home device

Vertical Blinds For Patio Doors

Vertical Blinds Are A Perfect Solution For Patio Doors.

Vertical blinds are a useful and stylish option for those whose homes are always in the view of neighbours. The louvers on vertical blinds can be adjusted to give you more privacy but still allow light in when you need it.

And, if you have a smart device, you can set up your controls to move the window blinds automatically or on a timer. Further enhancing the privacy and security of your home.

The size of your windows will not affect the look of our Vertical Blinds, as we are able to make them for almost any size and shape of patio door.

You no longer need to secure the bottom of a vertical blind using chains. We can fit vertical blinds with pocket weights at the bottom of the louvers. This type of blind is perfect for windows and doors that receive a lot of traffic or are used frequently by children and pets. 

Venetian Blinds Are Another Option For Patio Doors.

Venetian Blind Systems for Patio Doors can be designed to fit perfectly with the style and scale of your door and your home.

Venetian blinds offer a higher level of light control. The blinds can be up or down or the slats can be tilted for the perfect light – privacy balance.

From simple colours to textures and glitters, wood effects and base metal finishes there is a Venetian Blind to create the perfect modern look for your patio doors. 

Venetian Blinds For Patio Doors
Perfect Fit Blinds For Patio Doors

Best Blinds For High Traffic Patio Doors

Especially in the summer, patio doors can provide a highly used access to the garden and outside areas of the home. Perfect-Fit and Clic ® systems offer a stylish functional solution for high traffic doors.

Both systems leave door handles easily accessible. Perfect Fit TM and Clic ® blinds are ideal, as they won’t obscure the door handles and therefore won’t cause problems when opening or closing the door.

These smart blinds are ideal for uPVC windows as no drilling is needed, the blinds sit neatly in the window frame. Both Perfect Fit TM and Clic blinds are inherently child and pet safe.

You can choose from many different blind styles, such as Roller Blinds, Pleated Blinds, or energy-efficient honeycomb fabrics. Blinds come in many different styles and will seamlessly integrate with your doorway – giving it a very stylish, modern look. 

Day & Night Blinds on Patio Doors For Complete Light Control

It can be difficult to control the amount of light that enters a room with large glass sliding doors. However, Day & Night blinds offer a great solution.

Day & Night blinds are comprised of two alternating fabrics, one sheer and the other opaque. The light entering a room is controlled by minimising the distance between the opaque sections.

Easy to operate, you can open and close Day & Night blinds with the touch of a button. Day & Night blinds are a modern take on a roller blind. That mean you can have an almost unobstructed view out of your windows. Or when fully closed turn your room into a perfectly shaded private environment.

Contact us and one of our local advisors will come to your home so you can see all the fabrics in situation. 

Day And Night Blinds For Patio Doors
Motorised Remote Control Blinds

Remote Control Patio Door Blinds

Operate your Door blinds from a smartphone or tablet with one of our automation systems.

Automation technology can open your blinds automatically in the morning. Or you can set the mood for cosy evening in, closing the blinds and turning down the lights. Blind automation can work with the Apple Home Kit, Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Nest, and many more smart home systems.

Book a no obligation appointment for our local in-home advisor to show you our range of child-friendly operating options, and help you decide which solution will best suit your home. 

Get The Expert Advice You Need for All Your Patio Door Blind Requirements

If you would like custom fitted patio doors blinds, book a free no obligation appointment for our local advisor to visit your home with all the samples so you can see them in situation. You’ll also get some great ideas to help you plan the perfect patio door window treatments.

They’re able to offer you expert advice on the best options for all the windows and doors in your home. You can also check out our guides to find the right solution for your French Doors Blinds or Bi-Fold Door Blinds too.

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