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Fix Broken or Bent Window Blinds

If your window blinds have been bent or broken, you may wonder how to fix them. You can try suction cups, metal vane savers, or vertical blinds, all of which are easy DIY fixes. Read on to discover the best options for your situation! Listed below are tips to straighten bent or broken window blinds. To start, place the damaged slat on a flat surface. Then, press firmly on the slat using a dowel or a ball to straighten it.

Broken or bent vertical blinds can be difficult to replace but they can be fixed with basic troubleshooting. Generally, you can repair your blinds yourself, and the process will only take a few minutes. Whether you have a single panel or several, it is important to ensure that the slats are properly aligned in their individual clips. If one of the panels is bent or broken, you should first remove it from the bracket and then move it to the middle. This will hide the gap at the end, and the space will be less noticeable when the slats are closer to the middle.

If the slats are bent, you can try to heat them up and dry them with a soft cloth. Once they are dry, you can test them to see if they are straightened. If they aren’t straight, you may need to replace them. However, if you have vinyl blinds, you can fix them by removing them and replacing them. A vinyl blind may be warped because of the heat that can affect it. Learn More Here

If your window blinds have been broken or bent, you may want to consider buying a metal vane saver. These tools are great for small repairs because they can be installed by anyone, even a child. Vertical blinds are made of thin sheet metal and plastic slats, so repairing them yourself is possible but may leave you vulnerable to injury. To avoid getting hurt, always follow these steps:

The first step in repairing a broken or bent window blind is to remove the damaged section. This can be done by sliding a thin flat object, such as a credit card, up the broken section of the vane. Then, simply slide it out of the broken portion and put it back on the hook. Repeat for all the remaining slats. The metal vane saver can be a permanent solution for bent or broken window blinds.

Most people will find that their window blinds will last for about 10 years, so they don’t need to replace them every year. However, sometimes you may need to repair broken or bent slats because they’ve been exposed to heat and humidity. Luckily, most manufacturers will fix any damaged slats for free if they’re within warranty period. Also, sometimes the cords can become loose over time.

Before you begin the repair process, be sure to wear gloves to protect your hands from the sharp edges of the aluminum mini blinds. You’ll need to lay the damaged slat down on a flat surface. Then, use heavy pressure to work out the bend or crease. Continue this process until the mini blind slat has the appearance that you’re after. If it doesn’t look like this, you can use a flat piece of wood to repair the slat.

When you notice a broken or bent window blind, you don’t have to throw it out – there are several DIY fixes that you can perform. The first step is to remove the damaged slat from the window blind. You should also remove the metal stiffener that holds the tilter in place. Remove the tilter and replace it with a new one. When you’ve finished, put the end caps back on and hang the blinds up to dry. You can also use broken blind slats to make creative DIY projects, like hanging curtains on the walls! 

Another DIY fix for broken or bent window blinds is to drill a hole in the broken slat. Then, insert a piece of lumber, about four feet long, into the hole. You can also try using channel locks instead of pliers. Then, use the hole-punching tool to pry the slat back into place. You can then retie the knot to secure the blinds.

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