Stow Maries Great War Aerodrome

Stow Maries Great War Aerodrome

When you visit Chelmsford, Essex, you can’t help but wonder about the historical significance of the Stow Maries Great War Aerodrome. The reconstructed WWI aerodrome features original RAF operations buildings and features. The RAF museum also includes the aerodrome’s archives. To learn more about this fascinating historical site, keep reading. You’ll be glad you did!

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First opened in 1916, Stow Maries was the home to the B Flight of the Royal Flying Corps. As a result of the attacks on London by Zeppelin and Gotha, the RAF began to form. As part of the Battle for Britain, the Stow Maries aerodrome was vital to the cause, and the B Flight served there until Spring 1919, when the RAF finally closed its doors.

The museum is located in the former squadron office, which would have been the centre of station administration. On the upper floor of the museum, you can see uniforms worn by airmen in 1918, including the dress uniform of the first commanding officer of Stow Maries. On the lower level, the airmen’s mess was once the site of a function room. Now, it serves as a cafe.

Another fascinating attraction at Stow Maries is the aircraft museum, which houses replicas of late-production British and German planes. You can even see a Bleriot aeroplane that achieved a Channel crossing in 1909 without ailerons. The Fokker Eindecker, a German fighter aircraft, is the first purpose-built aircraft. Its synchronisation gear enabled the pilot to fire a machine gun through its propeller. The Sopwith Pup, a famous British fighter, was briefly stationed at Stow Maries during the war.

The Chelmsford area was originally an agricultural and market town. By the 19th century, the area became a hub of industry. The Chelmer and Blackwater Navigation was opened in 1797. The town was the seat of the local assize, and was named the county town of Essex in the year 1218. Today, Chelmsford is an important center for aerospace technology.

There are a variety of educational institutions in Chelmsford, including one campus of the Anglia Ruskin University and Writtle University College. A sixth form college is attached to many secondary schools. The city’s climate is temperate, with few extremes in temperature. During the winter, temperatures can be cold and snowy. There are 53 nights with frost in Chelmsford.

The city is home to the Team Essex Volleyball Club. The club’s four teams compete in the national league. The men’s first team, for example, competes in the first division in the country. The town is also home to the Chelmsford Chieftains, a team in the English National Ice Hockey League. The sport has a strong junior program and has a well-developed sports program. A great place to also visit is

The town is close to London and has an important role in history. It was the center of government for nearly a week after the Peasants’ Revolt in London. It is likely that King Richard II lodged in a nearby manor house. The town’s former occupants may have gotten their start in Chelmsford. In fact, Stow Maries was also the site of an earlier civil war.