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Vertical Blinds Price Calculator

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Prices are taken from a 2024 ‘Trade Price List’ for a large UK Trade Manufacturer. We update these prices regularly to reflect accurate retail pricing.

These prices are provided for your guidance. While we are confident that they are representative of the market, we make no guarantees that these prices will be attained.

Special features like: BlackoutMoisture ResistantFire Retardant and Thermal, are determined by the choice of fabric. These options can be found in most ‘price bands’ but are less likely in the fabrics represented in the ‘lower cost’ bands. (especially if you require fabrics that have combinations of these properties)

‘Basic’ or ‘Elemenets’ pricing is generally the lowest cost blinds made from the cheapest componants and materials. Most manufacturers have a low cost option!

Blinds made from ‘Basic’ or ‘Elements’ componants may not allow for the ‘motorised’ option.

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