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Fixing Blinds String

If you have broken blind strings, you might think you need to call a professional to do the job. While this is a common problem, you can often fix it yourself by following a few basic steps. These steps include checking the tension of the strings, replacing them if necessary, and keeping the cords out of the reach of children and pets. There is an easier and quicker way to restring blinds, though: using a quick restringing system. Next article

One of the most basic ways to maintain your window blinds is to check the tension on the strings. This can be done by carefully watching the movement of each string while the shade is open or closed. The more uneven the tension, the more likely it is that the string was improperly tightened. It’s a good idea to check each string from the farthest side. If you notice that it is uneven, you should tie a knot on each end and recheck the tension.

To check the tension of your blinds strings, first find the area where the pull cord is attached. Then, use a lighter or masking tape to remove the wooden cap bead from one end of the cord. Then, trim the end to create a neat end. In many cases, wood blinds have two sets of cords that run across the bottom rail and up the top. Once this process is complete, it’s time to test the shades once more.

Breaking the blinds strings on your window treatments is not a difficult task. It’s just a matter of reattaching them using the right replacement parts. While blind strings are typically associated with wooden blinds, they are also commonly found on pleated and cellular shades. These strings allow the blinds to be raised and lowered. Obviously, they are extremely important and if one of them breaks, the blinds are rendered useless. Fortunately, replacing broken blinds strings is an easy Do-it-yourself project. 

Before replacing your broken blinds strings, you’ll need to measure how high the blinds hang. Start at the base, where they are fastened, and then measure the length from there to the last string. If the old string is too short, you can use pliers or scissors to cut it. Then, melt the old string with a lighter to create a new one. Line up the end of the frayed or broken string with the other end of the new string. You may need to touch the two pieces together while welding them.

If you have a child or a pet, keeping the cords out of reach of these creatures can help prevent potential accidents. Chewing on cords can cause electric shocks, burns, and even shutdown of vital organs. Often, damaged cords are difficult to replace. You can prevent your children or pet from chewing on cords by using a child safety latch and tassels. Click for more info

Another way to keep the cords out of the reach of your kids and pets is to anchor them. If possible, anchor your furniture so that it will not fall over and injure children or pets. If you have a corded window covering, you can use cord cleats to anchor it. The cables are also out of reach of pets and children. If you have young children, you can also purchase cord cleats so that they don’t play with the cords.

If you have broken or frayed strings on your blinds, you can easily fix them by using a quick restringing system. However, this method will require you to remove the entire blind so that you can fix the broken string. The restringing process may also involve disassembling the blinds, which is time-consuming. Alternatively, you can purchase a quick restringing kit that you can easily fix the broken strings yourself.

To begin the process of fixing your blinds, you should turn over each shade to check for loose lifting loops. If you notice any, you can reattach them with thicker #10 thread. To make the process easier, you can use a scrap of cord to make a linking loop. After that, you can sew the loop firmly to the back of the blind.